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Another Day of Life, directed by Polish animation director Damian Nenow and Spanish film director Raul de la Fuente, is a hybrid live-action/stylized animation film based on Ryszard Kapuściński's book of the same name. The book and film chronicle the graphic, harrowing and near-hallucinatory experiences during the first months of the Angolan civil war in 1975 that drove Polish war correspondent Ryszard Kapuściński to write the book that forged his literary reputation. The animation-live action hybrid is a mix of animation, live-action cutaways, archive footage and contemporary interviews.

Jointly co-produced with studios in Poland, Spain, Belgium and Germany, Puppetworks provided a significant part of concept art, sculpting, environment models, main and background character models, layout, and a major part of the animation. The animation was based on motion capture, but major animation work was required to reach the final result. Our main task was to do MOCAP based animation sequences (re-targeting MOCAP data onto character rigs, adjusting them in time and 3D position to match action rhythm and space). And keyframe animation details such as hands, fingers and prop animations. Facial animations for dialogues and facial expressions as well as animations for cars and trucks.

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