Dungeon Hunter Champions is an extremely ambitious game with great attention to detail. The new title of the famous Dungeon Hunter franchise mixes RPG and MOBA elements in a colorful world full of special effects, 100s of characters, an expansive single-player and multiplayer modes. Rounded out with stunning visuals, this epic fantasy adventure will plunge you into a thrilling new take on Gameloft’s classic dungeon delving franchise.

When Puppetworks approached the project, we wanted to keep in line with the client’s attention to detail so we focussed on some of our own. Foremost in mind was creating excitement in the trailer that could match the excitement players had for the game. As an established game, players were aware of the game but were excited to catch a glimpse of the new mechanics and characters the game has to offer. The focus, then, was on showcasing both these new aspects of the game. Gameloft was pleased with the results.